NUP calls aspirants to battle Bobi Wine for flag bearer


The National Unity Platform has opened nominations to party members interested in holding its presidential flag for the 2021 elections.

This displaces the general belief that party President Robert Kyagulanyi is already nominated for the race.

The party spokesperson Joe Ssenyonyi on Tuesday said anyone is free to battle for the flag of the new party.

Bobi Wine

He said senior journalist Andrew Mwenda had picked expression on interest forms and would be welcome to give it a try.

Victoria University

New members

“It has been a great honor for us today to welcome more comrades into the National Unity Platform,” Ssenyonyi noted.

Bobi Wine with Christine

“It only gives us courage to work towards a quicker liberation of our country whenever Ugandans from different walks of life step up to join the fight.”

One of the new members on board is Dr Ndiwalana Christine, a very resourceful and knowledgeable comrade.

The party also welcomed Lukwago Jimmy and his team from Kira Municipality.

Lukwago Jimmy

“The fight is real comrades. To the comrades from the motorbikers fraternity who joined us today, you are most welcome comrades.”

“Indeed the struggle against the dictatorship shall be won by the ordinary men and women of Uganda. It’s a mission to freedom.”



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