Don’t join ADF, Museveni tells youth


Don’t join ADF rebels, Museveni tells youth

President Museveni Wednesday presided over International Youth Day celebrations, which he had to do “scientifically” due to the ongoing problem of COVID-19.

Cognisant of the extra strain brought about by this global pandemic, especially on the young people, government intensified efforts to open up many opportunities with access to financing and skills development being at the core of these efforts.

However, for better and sustainable utilisation of these opportunities, it is imperative, now more than ever, that the youth internalize the message being putting out time and again, Museveni said.

Speaking at the State House event, Museveni told youth to identify with a sector towards wealth creation and do it with ekibaro/ Imar/ calculation.

Victoria University

He said this can be in agriculture, manufacturing/ industry which includes value addition, Services or ICT.

“Secondly, be honest in your organizations or associations if and, or when you access the funds.”

He said the associations are only viable if they are managed well and also honestly.

“This goes especially to our literate children, whose vocations may not be readily absorbed in the job market.”

“Desist from joining dangerous groups like our children that studied only Arabic and ended up in the ADF out of brainwashing by wrong elements.”

He said there are a number of government initiatives geared towards empowering the youth that can be very helpful.

Development partners such as the UNDP have come on board.

He then launched the “Youth 4 Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship” facility.

He said 10 million USD has been granted under this facility alongside a concessional loan of up to 200m USD, targeting the Youth.

“You are encouraged to apply through My daughter Anne Juuko of Stanbic Bank is talking about 14% as interest below market rate but I hope it can be revised down.”

“Be honest in your organizations or associations if and, or when you access the funds.”



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