Salongo: Joel Ssenyonyi’s wife baking twins


National Unity Platform and People Power spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi is soon becoming a “salongo”.

“Salongo-to-be,” Ssenyonyi announced on Tuesday.

Salongo is a Luganda word for “father of twins”.

Last year, The Observer interviewed Ssenyonyi, a former journalist, among other things.

Victoria University

He said he was saving himself for marriage (Joel Ssenyonyi On Why He Is Proudly A Virgin At 32, August 3, 2019).

That interview started a hot debate on whether the former NTV news anchor was lying, but he has always been open about his stance on pre-marital sex.

But the hunky man was finally โ€˜defloweredโ€™ last month.

Ssenyonyi held a โ€˜scientificโ€™ wedding in July 2020 with his missing rib, Febress Nagawa.

Nagawa works with Padre Pio insurance company.

She is already pregnant with twins.



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