NRM youth challenges CEC resolutions in court


A Youth has dragged the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) to High Court for ignoring and rendering the role of the youth in contributing and building the party irrelevant.

This concern was raised by Banalekaki Moses, Aspirant Chairperson NRM Youth League, Monday while addressing press in Kampala.

He says this is further reflected in the recent resolutions passed by CEC, denying the youth a chance to be represented at the most important organ of the party (CEC).

“We consider the resolution that only allowed a section of CEC members to be elected, leaving out the Youth League Representative to CEC in the forthcoming National Conference to be discriminatory, in bad faith, illegal, irregular, unfair, and in breach of the Constitution of NRM,” Banalekaki told press.

Banalekaki (C) addressing press
Victoria University

The Youth constitute over 80% of the registered NRM party members, yet, the CEC resolution that was passed only opened a section of its leadership which constitutes of only old people.

“This is selfishness by the CEC members who are the biggest beneficiaries of their own resolutions thus casting the party in bad light and disempowers the youth,” he noted.

He said this leaves the party to only elders while locking out youths without a platform to address their affairs yet they constitute the majority members of the party.

To him, the current youth leadership at CEC is out of age, unlike other positions not limited by age.

“It is improper to extend the term of office for such an important position.”

Banalekaki believe the election of the selected executives creates an executive within executive which does not exist in the party laws and its constitution.

“We are ready to observe the Prevention of COVID 19 SOPs by the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Management Act, just like other CEC members participating in the elections.”


Banalekaki said it is for this reason that he as disciplined cadre of NRM, who believe in the rule of law that was restored by Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his colleague liberators have decided to move to the courts of law to;

  1. Declare the CEC resolutions illegal and discriminatory and therefore, halt the election of the nominated members of CEC.
  2. Declare the youth position in the CEC open for nomination thus be allowed to pick nominations and participate in the elections of CEC members.
  3. Open the youth league structures for elections because, it is by Electoral College and therefore scientific.

Until these issues are addressed, the NRM party seems to have been ring fenced for the elderly only, Banalekaki noted.

“We shall be left with no option but to seek for another political home that can truly listen to the voice of the youth.”

He went on: “We shall rally our brothers from all corners of the country, East, North, Central and Western to stand in unity against discriminatory tendencies of the party and to seek refuge where their issues can be best addressed.”

The hearing of the case is coming up on 13th August 2020.



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