NRM chairperson defects to FDC


Yesterday, the National Deputy Mobilization Secretary also Obongi County MP Hon. Fungaroo Kaps Hassan received the current LC3 chairperson Mr. Okar Rasul of Ludara subcounty from the NRM party into the FDC.

Chairman Okar crossed to FDC citing many unfulfilled promises by the government to the People of West Nile, bad governance and abuse of human rights.

Also received into the FDC was Mr. Draguma Ramathan, formally a DP member who affirmed that FDC is the only robust vehicle that can deliver the much awaited change that Ugandans yearn for.

Party Electoral Commissoner Haji Hakim Moli witnessed the joining of new members and handed over Party membership cards to them.

The Party continues to receive new members tired of the current bad governance, dictatorship and want to be part of the change processes in the country.



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