Lumumba tells security to arrests ministers who breach Covid19 SOPs


NRM Secretary General Rt Hon Justine Kasule Lumumba has directed security to arrest party officials including ministers who breach Covid19 guidelines.

Lumumba made the call while addressing the Media at the launch of the Weekly Press Briefings that will happen every Sunday at the Party Head offices in Kampala.

“No body is above the law and that why as Secretary General I have called upon the enforcement officers to arrest any body who contravenes the SOP’s whether Ministers, secretary general please do you work,” she said.

“Please enforcement officers fear no body we don’t want to risk people,” she added.

Victoria University

According to Lumumba, CEC directed that the Ministry of Health SOPs should seriously be observed throughout the conduct of all political and electoral activities of the NRM.

“This shall be done in order to ensure that we protect the population from the risk of infection of the COVID-19 virus.”

CEC strongly emphasized that any form of bribery, utterance of any sectarian statements and use of inappropriate language, are unacceptable.

Such practices are contrary to the values and principles of the NRM (please see Code of Conduct in the Fourth Schedule of the NRM Constitution), and the laws of Uganda.

Any breach any shall have dire consequences.

“I therefore wish to call upon all NRM members to be law abiding, and to also strictly adhere to the MOH SOPs.”

The law enforcement officers are hereby called upon to ensure members comply with the law, she said.

This came after two NRM secretariat staff tested positive for Covid19 while 17 others were sent to mandatory quarantine.



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