ExposeTheCorrupt: Museveni cracks on parasites sucking country dry


President Museveni last week launched the #ExposeTheCorrupt social media campaign at State House Entebbe.

‘Expose The Corrupt’ underscores the commitment to fight the theft of public funds.

In his speech, Museveni called on heads of anticorruption institutions to always monitor their juniors to ensure they don’t take bribes.

“They want to be rich at the expense of the society. They are parasites,” he called out corrupt officials.

“They miscalculate and think that if you are a parasite, you can be prosperous.”

Victoria University

“If you want to be prosperous. If you temporary prosperity can collapse. If you want to be prosperous, do it in a clean way.”

Museveni told leaders to check the people they lead.

“How do you check? You check by having a direct Link with the victims.”

He said the corruption of KCCA enforcers is on the streets.

‘You can use citizens intelligence to get evidence,” he noted.

He said the real work begins with AntiGraft Unit of State House led by Lt Col Edith Nakalema and partner anti corruption units.

According to Museveni, the Anti corruption institutions have been infliltrated, which is one of their biggest problems to fighting corruption.

Museveni has called upon institution leaders to always go on the ground and get evidence.

“We are using bureaucractic methods to fight corruption.”

He said the enemy has blocked the nose of institutions that are trying to #ExposeTheCorrupt.

“We therefore need to change how systems operate. Get facts. These people are easy to get but your work methods aren’t working. For instance why should there be corruption at the sub county level? Really the problem is the management of these institutions.”

Museveni said it will be very easy to get the corrupt officials when the AntiGraft Unit links up with the business men and women falling victim to #ExposeTheCorrupt.

“Corrupt juniors don’t fear to be corrupt because they do things and they get away with them. Top leaders, you are here to work for the people and not your juniors.”



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