Bobi Wine speaks on Mbale debacle, NUP red colour row


On Saturday morning, police and the military blocked Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from appearing on BCU Radio Station in Mbale town.

They had mounted road blocks all along the way and he somehow managed to dodge them.

“As soon as we got to Mbale, police blocked the entrance to the radio station, and started firing teargas and live bullets,” he narrated.

According to Bobi, many comrades were injured and are nursing wounds.

“Even when we paid to appear on this radio station, security agencies still blocked our show.”

Victoria University

“As I was being blocked from appearing on the station, NRM politicians were and are still appearing on radio and television stations.”

He went on: “We shall not just stop at condemning this ridiculous and shameful conduct. We shall and must take solid actions to ensure that the rights and dignity of our people are restored.”
NUP statement claims Museveni is panicking:

_When we tried to reserve the name ‘People Power’ in 2019, we found that the regime had deployed its apologists to reserve the name so as to block us from registering a Political Party.

Then, we set out to do consultations as guaranteed by the laws of this land. Under the very eye of the Electoral Commission, our consultations were blocked and frustrated.

A few days back, we dropped a bomb shell that threw them into a state of panic. We had been doing all processes legally but quietly for some months. The day we filed papers at the Electoral Commission informing them of the new leadership of the National Unity Platform, President Museveni immediately sacked key people at the Electoral Commission, including Mr. Sam Rwakoojo, the Secretary and Mr. Jothan Taremwa, the spokesman. Their crime? How did all this happen under their watch?

From the day we unveiled the Party, the regime has been thrown into a pandemonium seeing millions of Ugandans who have embraced the idea. They first tried to downplay us, but that did not work. The thousands of people, including leaders who have been flocking our offices to register have scared the hell out of them.

So they took the war to our colours. Yesterday, the UPC Party stated that the war on colour red is not instigated by them, but by the Electoral Commission. They clearly saw that they were losing that war too.

And now, there is a new attempt by one James Byamukama, whose mission can be clearly understood! The regime is trying to clutch onto anything that will save it from the inevitable collapse and embarrassment that awaits it.

This is a Party which has existed for all these years and no body has ever raised any complaint. The changes which have been made in the recent months have all been done in full compliance with all provisions of the Party Constitution and other laws. They have been approved and gazetted by the Commission itself. And now, because Hon Kyagulanyi is Party President and they are seeing how much support we are receiving across the nation, they will use all sorts of people to file bogus cases and do all manner of things. We have information that they are even doctoring some documents on the file! Meetings are sitting every day, to find any avenue through which they can stop us or cut down our momentum. The good thing is that we expected all this, and we expect even more. Dictators are shameless, by their very nature.

Our assurance to you comrades- no machinations of any kind have ever saved these dictators. The winds of change can never be stopped by petty laws enacted by petty despots, or even petty schemes instigated by scared dictators. We THE PEOPLE, shall emerge victorious. This new attempt will fail, like all other attempts before them.



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