Besigye to Museveni: I’m not your muzzukulu, I’ll fight you until I die


Opposition figure Kizza Besigye says the country is being run like someone’s family.

“That is why he calls us bazzukulu,” he said in reference to President Museveni.

“I am not your muzzukulu. Your job is to serve me. You are my servant.”

Besigye was appearing on NTV ” On the Spot” programme Thursday night at his Kasangati home in Wakiso district.

This is what he told NTV host Patrick Kamara.

Victoria University

People are being misdirected to believe that they will be participating in choosing the leader of the country. The country Uganda is not in the hands of the people of Uganda. It is a captured state.

When asked about his “shine” considering the recent opinion poll by Research world International that shows Bobi Wine’s popularity growing bigger than his, Besigye says that he is not interested in the numbers and that the focus should be put on people’s freedoms.

Uganda’s leadership is not about a certain tribe. It is about a single family which owns this country like King Leopold owned the Congo. They have used guns and controlled the mind through the media.

I am very happy with the Bizonto comedians. They have joined the liberation struggle and are teaching Ugandans. However, the Bizonto the other side have been very effective in misleading Ugandans.

It is another lie that those who have “captured us” are letting us have a multiparty dispensation. Do you believe that 80% of Ugandans (according to opinion polls) like the NRM?

The fight is about all of us, not just Besigye. We need to appreciate the terrible situation we are and be serious about addressing it.

Whoever is conscious of the situation in Uganda should do something to make sure that all those around him are aware and awake. There is bombardment from the other side to create chaos and keep us in a submissive situation.

The Bizonto have done a job we have been doing but more effectively. They have spoken to the masses in a language they understand. They have shown clear inequality in the country.

QUOTE; If your cause is just, it may be delayed but you will eventually win – Dr Kizza Besigye.

Nobody has ever become free for free. You have to fight for it. There is no other option.

We do not have the option of giving up this fight to liberate our country. It is ours and the only one we will have. The country was hijacked from us. By force.

I will fight for my freedom in this country until it comes or I die.

We do not need an election in order to get freedom. The strategy must be to prepare ourselves to fight for our country with or without an election.

The independent electoral commission was seeking money from the sole candidate, Yoweri Museveni. If a candidate can dismiss senior staff of the electoral commission, do you think that the elections will be fair?

What I like from Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago is the constituency and clarity in his political pursuits. He is clear on what the struggle is and he commits unwaveringly to it.

Erias Lukwago could make a good president for this country Uganda. But that is not the issue at hand. The issue at hand is to get what to lead. He is focused to get what to lead.

Erias Lukwago has been in Kampala fighting for ordinary people. People being thrown out of markets and chased off the streets. We like those attributes in the leadership of the FDC.

Until you win, you have to keep fighting.



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