NRM speaks on MPs who defect to Bobi Wine’s NUP party


Losing members of the family is not anything to celebrate about. Even if ones child is notorious for evil deeds, he cannot be wished away. Any responsible family member would continuously pray that such a demented family member may be rehabilitated and like the prodigal son in the Bible may reform and come back home.

In the NRM, we have received the news about the defection of our members with surprise and consternation. These members were groomed and nurtured by the NRM to the level of being elected as MPs of Uganda. Their action of abandonment is an act of betrayal to the people who first elected them. They will be required to account to the people for their actions and it is only time that will tell if the electorate were happy with their action.

As a party, we kindly request them to settle all their outstanding obligations to the party, if any, and we wish them well wherever they have chosen to go.

On a positive note though, this free movement of people into and out of political parties of people’s choice without any fear of retribution is a demonstration that the democracy that the NRM fought for indeed prevails and the people of Uganda are free to enjoy it unhindered.

As a party, we shall not abandoned our “orphaned” members in their respective constituencies and we shall identify through the party primaries new cadres to redeem those constituencies. But if along the way they discover that they have after all been mislead into making a wrong decision, the NRM welcome them back and rehabilitate them through appropriate political education. This has been the bedrock of the NRM.

Victoria University

Long live NRM, long live HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, long live Uganda.

Emmanuel Lumala Dombo,

Director for information, Publicity and PR.



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