House passes motion retaining number of PWDs MPs


Parliament has passed the motion which retains the numbers of representation of special interest groups of youth (5), army (10), workers (5), PWDs (5), and includes 5 representatives of the elderly (above 60 years)

Plenary Tuesday reviewed the representation of special interest groups of workers, youth, persons with disabilities in the House.

The motion was moved by the Deputy Attorney General, Hon. Jackson Kafuuzi.

Workers MP, Sam Lyomoki, proposed that the representation of workers, youth and persons with disabilities be increased from the current five to ten for each of the groups.

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MPs Muhammad Nsereko (Ind., Kampala Central), Henry Kibalya (NRM, Bugabula South), Elijah Okupa (FDC, Kasilo) opposed MP Lyomoki’s proposal on increasing number of youth, workers and PWDs in the House.

Hon. Lyomoki urged Parliament to review and increase the representation of special interest groups at Parliament by 5 representatives each interest groups ( increase from 5 – 10 MPs)

Nsereko, on the other hand, cautioned Parliament against creating seats for special interest groups at Parliament as it does NOT address the real issue.

He urged Parliament to look into the welfare of the special interest groups like the elderly other than creating seats for them.

Hon Elijah Okupa said that the elderly are the most represented in the current Government.

He cited the heads of the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature.

He noted that the concerns of the elderly can easily be addressed in the current Government given its composition.

Plenary then adopted clause 1 of the Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2020 which provides that there shall be atleast 2 representatives (female) out of the five (5) elderly representatives .

If Parliament had passed the proposed Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2020 which provides for the creation of 5 seats for the elderly Persons, in addition to 46 new Counties and the 3 additional Cities approved last week, the 11th Parliament would have approximately 536 MPs.



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