Capt Mike Mukula accused of sectarianism


The ruling National Resistance Movement lawmaker Hon Sanjay Tanna has accused Captain Mike Mukula of sectarianism.

In his August 3 letter to the NRM Electoral Commission, Tanna said Mukula made the sectarian remarks during radio talkshows in Tororo district.

The two are vying for NRM National Vice Chairperson Eastern in the ongoing Central Executive Committee (CEC) campaigns.

Tanna claims Mukula labelled him a “foreigner” with all forms of prejudicial innuendos.

Victoria University

Police block Mike Mukula’s planned rally in Tororo

NRM party delegates hoping to attend Mike Mukula’s campaign meeting in Tororo were yesterday left disappointed after they were turned away from the venue by police.

Police officers manning the meeting at Tororo view school, blocked the delegates from entering in a bid to ensure that social distancing could be observed at the meeting.

The meeting had been called as Mukula is in the area to campaign for the post of NRM Vice Chairperson Eastern Uganda.

Additional reporting by NTV



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