Betway helping its communities across Africa during the Covid-19 fight


The world was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic since the first case was reported in Wuhan, China. Cities were locked down, and travel restrictions were put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

Economies were adversely affected, and before corporates and other non-governmental organizations could come to the rescue, some African communities were in dire need of humanitarian help.

One of the brands that showed up to rescue these communities was Betway, who started an initiative to donate food across many parts of the African continent.

In Uganda, the giant betting company, in conjunction with the Uganda Sports Press Association, donated 300kgs of rice to maligned communities in some parts of the country.

Victoria University

Through the country’s Betway manager Adellah Agaba Nyahuruma, the company reiterated its commitment towards ensuring that communities have safe access to necessities. 

Through the Ugandan Covid-19 Task Force, the online betting company had donated 3.3 tonnes of rice to shelve families during the pandemic. It had also reached out to the various teams it sponsors in the Ugandan Premier League to ensure they had access to basic needs during these tough economic times. 

Other parts of Africa

South Africa remains the worst-hit country in Africa, accounting for more than half the continent’s total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases and fatalities. Betway SA made an initial donation of R2-million, which was to be distributed through locally-based charity organizations.

Earlier reports indicated that millions of South Africans could not access essential commodities due to lockdowns initiated by the government following a surge in coronavirus cases, especially in congested areas of the country.

A well-known Jewish charity organization known as Afrika Tikkun runs several projects in different parts of South Africa and was one of the beneficiaries of the R2-million. Having been on the ground longer, the organization was highly recommended as it had established in many remote parts where emergency help was needed.

In Kenya, where cases have been rising rapidly over the last few months, the Betway Cares Initiative was established to provide relief to the most affected areas of the East African country. The initiative targets the most vulnerable communities who cannot access basic needs following restrictions of doing business and movement across counties.

Also, when Ghana was placed on lockdown earlier, the betting company which operates as Sports Betting Group Ghana Limited presented a cheque of 500,000 GHC to the Ghana Covid-19 Trust Fund. The money was used as part of the larger kitty meant to provide humanitarian support to the most vulnerable parts of the country. 

Besides offering monetary support, Betway has continuously been at the forefront through its social media pages to sensitize communities on the need to stay safe and to observe health safety precautions during the pandemic.

These are just some of the many initiatives established by the bookmaker in the wake of the global pandemic that crippled sports and other activities worldwide.

However, with several football leagues resuming, betting fans have the chance to continue placing their bets with their favorite bookmaker.



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