Wanyoto clashes with Nyanzi for saying she’ll dance if Museveni dies


NRM Women League chairperson Lydia Wanyoto says they are safe at the Secretariat.

The Secretariat and the NRM are very vigilant after two staff tested positive for Covid19.

“We know that COVID19 is with us,” she said while appearing on NBS ” Morning Breeze” programme Thursday morning.

She said the ruling party has come a long way.

Through President Museveni’s leadership, NRM stands out to have a good semblance of stability and cohesion.

Lydia Wanyoto

“That is why whenever we pull up a function, it is a milestone. The excitement you see is because we have moved within the election’s total time frame.”

“We shall be able to tell whether we have opposition or not after May 2021.”

She said the country is going into an election with space for presidential nominations that is as open as anyone who wants to contest.

“Some people wake up lamenting for losing an election, but I don’t think they know how to campaign. To win an election, you have to go to the people. You have to be branded.”

According to Wanyoto, politics is about winning numbers and hearts of the people.

“No amount of lamentation will make you enter Plot 1 of Uganda. You have to win the hearts of the people.”

“Saying Museveni is a wise leader is Stella speaking to what we already know,” she threw a jibe at Kampala Woman MP aspirant Dr Stella Nyanzi.

“This is a testimony for us. We could not allow Museveni to say no. That is why we nominated him to be our party flag bearer.”

She took on Nyanzi for saying she would not mourn Museveni if he died.

“If Museveni leaves through death, I will be on the streets dancing because when those who oppress depart, we do not mourn. Why would I mourn when my oppressor dies? I am not apologetic,” Nyanzi said.

Wanyoto, in response, said it is very absurd to wish people death.

Nyanzi then turned to the moderator Simon Kaggwa Njala to protect her from the “evil” advice of Lydia Wanyoto.

“I don’t want to be poisoned by that advice”.

Ignoring her, Wanyoto said the NRM is working day and night to present the best candidates right from the president to the councilors.

“We are here to win, and it is very deliberate. We are intentional in fronting the best candidates. We shall win massively.”

Nyanzi, on the other hand, said she is participating in the elections as a form of defiance.

“We shall participate in politics on the streets, on the keyboard and markets.”

“We shall dance our way to freedom. We shall not be intimidated.”

“We all know why the rebel MPs went back to the NRM, it is about their stomachs. I am FDC. I am blue.”



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