Museveni in fear of growing opposition- Nyanzi


Kampala Woman MP aspirant Dr Stella Nyanzi says the idea of sole candidature for President Museveni is a tasteless joke.

Appearing on NBS “Morning Breeze” programme Thursday, Nyanzi said the performance of choice is distasteful and unacceptable.

Ugandans have been abused for a long time, she pointed out.

“What is this joke that he went to pick forms? Who is he acting for? We understand that a lot of money was poured into the age limit vote.”

According to Nyanzi, after the violence of parliament, judges were bribed to secure the 5-year extension for Museveni.


“We can’t even laugh at this joke anymore. Any self-respecting Ugandan must say no to NRM and Museveni. As Ugandans, we begin to laugh when we can’t cry anymore.”

The former Makerere researcher thinks the NRM are a shameless lot that should stop talking about respectability.

She said as a candidate, Museveni is in fear because the opposition is growing massively as opposed to what he said that there will be no opposition come 2021.

This illusion of democracy is what is killing political parties, she noted.

“At the end of the day, we know that politics is not about winning hearts. The hearts of Ugandans have been won away from authoritarian rule and the ruling party. We also know about the monetization and rigging of the election system.”

She said the day that the opposition undermines Museveni’s cold-calculating precision, is the day that he will lose.

“He is a wise man. He knows that he has lost popularity. Museveni must go, his time has come. I am speaking for myself, my house, my neighbor, and Ugandans.”

According to Nyanzi, it is quite bothersome that at the very tip of the Electoral Commission (EC) process, 8 of the top technocrats have been removed.

“We should interrogate why the resignations were forced. I think that the EC has someone at the top who wants to mismanage the elections.”

She added: “We are questioning Justice Byabakama’s office and him being at the office. Why was he left behind when all those below him were removed? We must watch out for the story of the German company.”

Nyanzi doesn’t think Ugandans are going to see a lot of monetization of the elections like it was last time.

The scientific elections are trying to cover up for the lack of resources in the NRM, she noted.

“How will Museveni manage to make in-roads without money this time around?”

“I am anxious and worried about the militarization and violence of the elections. I think the issue of COVID19 will be re-politicized.”



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