Mama kitone Desire Luzinda: don’t re-elect opposition hypocrites

Desire Luzinda

Naturally endowed with a gorgeous body, gifted downstairs Desire Luzinda wants to return back in the limelight.

The “kitone” singer slowly ebbed off the social scene after her nude pictures broke the internet a couple of years ago.

She made a bold decision to get saved and resort to gospel music.

At the start of the week, Desire decided to “go political for a minute”.


She said opposition members blasting the current leadership for injustices and overstay while they do the same is malignity.

“The political future I have described is total hypocrisy. It is also a linear extrapolation of several trends on vivid display right now. If you are fighting for change it starts with you!” Desire pointed out.

“Someone who has been in Legislature for one or two terms and wants reelection whilst preaching democracy… very disturbing, funny and Ironic! Does that mean there are no young contenders wearing fresh ideas and visions?”

She said unless one has proved worthiness, do not re-elect the same people that have been in Parliament irrespective of their mother-parties.

“I know some will take this personally but somewhere in my statement lies the truth.”



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