Police defends officer accused of stealing phone at FDC offices


Police says it has watched a video clip circulating in the social media where some people are claiming that one of its officers stole a mobile phone.

On 27/7/2020, security teams were deployed in various party headquarters in Kampala as they had several activities to provide general security.

FDC party headquarters, Najjanankumbi, was one of them.

As the team was providing security at FDC offices, they got information that a section of FDC supporters are planning to leave the offices in a procession and to block Entebbe Road.

The security team on the ground were guided that since the President was about to pass in that section of the road heading to Entebbe, no procession should be allowed.

Victoria University

Two FDC supporters wanted to enter their headquarters, they were advised to wait until the President passes then they will be allowed to enter since no one is permitted to enter or leave the premises.

They refused and insisted that they must enter by all means.

Police used reasonable force and one woman fell down. When she got up, she assaulted one of the officers.

The video shows one of the officers picking something black from the ground.

What the officer picked was a Police epaulette/ flap ( rank holder) not a mobile phone as alleged by some people in the social media.

The epaulette got off when the officer was trying to restore order.

“We are a professional Force and our mandate is to protect life and property, ” said SP Patrick Onyango, PRO KMP.



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