Besigye on 2021: I can’t leave struggle halfway

Kizza Besigye

People’s President Kizza Besigye Monday attended an early Morning Breeze show at NBS TV offices in Kamwokya, Kampala.

His aide Ronald Muhinda said a police pickup truck and Muhumuza Albert who follows Besigye on motorcycle was stationed outside waiting.

During the show, Besigye said the knowledge that the virus [coronavirus] kills is not news.

What means a lot is the fact that the virus is in the community and spreading, he explained.

Victoria University

According to Besigye, what is highly questionable is having numbers rise on a daily, but with no deaths.

“Wherever it arrived from, what it would do there is exactly what it would do here. What is happening here is that surveillance is still limited. The very first death was confirmed at postmortem.”

He said the awareness, even in the health institutions, should be questionable.

“I would like to believe there are many deaths from COVID that have not been diagnosed.”

Besigye said in a regime where transparency and reliability are questionable, he can’t say that these are the first known COVID19 deaths.

“I suspect the influence of the political management of the scientific processes. Ugandans, this virus is real and kills. Yes, half of those infected will not get any problem, but you will know what will happen if you get the virus.”

He added: “Do not put down your guard in following the guidelines. We should learn to get people to appreciate what they are doing instead of forcing them to abide.”


According to Besigye, it has been a great pain to focus the country on the right problem and the actions we need to take.

He said the people who have caused so much pain, dominated, sucked, and plundered the country will use every means to divert people from the right thing they should do to get rid of them.

“It seems our people are gullible. Those who cause pain would like to focus our country on the situation as if we have a democracy. What happens in elections is contesting for office bearers, that is the impression they want to create. But that is not the case.”

He went on: “I am fighting this mindset of people thinking the issue right now is me standing for office. The issue is how we get out of captivity and not focus on whether I will stand for office.”

Besigye says if his participation shifts people from the real problem, then it is counterproductive.

People need to understand that the ballot is not the struggle. This is only useful for people who have the power to decide, he noted.

Simon Kaggwa Njala: Will you be on the ballot paper come 2021?

Kizza Besigye: You will know very soon. I belong to FDC. I am not going to be an independent candidate. How can I leave the struggle halfway? I have already spent the most youthful years of my life trying to have a free country where there is the rule of law, have equal opportunities with all Ugandans.



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