Sectarian Ugandans will find their genocide to be simply mass murder


By Tonny Geoffrey Owana

This week has seen plenty of expression of ethnic feelings, which have even landed some brethren behind bars for “expressing their freedom to speak”. As usual, they were unmindful of the freedoms of others.

I get worried when I hear right-thinking people mindlessly preaching a message that advances genocide as the cure for their problems, real or imaginary.

However, I am comforted by the fact that our genocidaires will only commit mass-murder and not genocide. Why? Because the genocidaires may know who they want to kill, but they don’t know WHO NOT TO KILL.

Victoria University

About 30 years ago someone released a “Bahima Plan to Rule Uganda for 50 Years” and most of us were furious.
However, a glance at the list of these evil Bahima plotters was enlightening. The first attendance list included “prominent Bahima” like Eriya Kategaya, Kahinda Otafiire, Kiiza Besigye, Jim Muhwezi and even Matayo Kyaligonza. That list gets modified whenever it resurfaces because the authors keep discovering non-Bahima on it and remove them, or add non-Bahima who should be Bahima!!!

A few hours ago, a list of the dreaded Banyankole in high places was issued by gifted poets who also rejoice in a name that translates into something like “loon”, but that could be artistic too.

They were supported by an intellectual hailing from Tooro, who naively believes that when trouble starts, the “loons” will recognise the difference between Kyenjojo and Kiruhura.
Then, Hon Aggrey Bagiire and PS Vincent Bagiire were included on the list of the condemned Nyankore although they have been Basoga from birth.

This reminded me of the circumstances in which I lost my NBS TV Barometer job ten years ago.

I remember playing footage of a Rubaga politician calling upon his supporters to begin killing Asians. At that time, his traditional ruler had three Asians on his kingdom cabinet and I reminded viewers about this fact. This was my last show on that great TV.

I could go on and on but you can start there too.
If such murders begin, they will be brutal but will also end quickly on realising that in their death throes the Bagiires will speak Lusoga, not RR.
As the mobs scour Gayaza Road for targets, a young popular politician will either ask them to leave his wife alone or will be ready to shoot them in defence of Mama w’Abaana.
The orgy could last a week but when funeral service vans are seen to head in all directions on the compass, we shall stop, collectively mourn our dead and rededicate ourselves to the NRM’s seemingly outdated Ten-Point Programme.
That is another OwanaPaedia prediction.

Veteran Journalist and presidential advisor on NRA Archives!



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