Kadaga intervenes in Chekwi political row

Nakapiripirit Woman MP, Esther Anyakun and the Nakapiripirit District Local Government leadership.

Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has intervened in the impasse between Nakapirit district leadership over the contentious location of Kakamongole Sub County in Chekwi East County which was recently approved by Cabinet. 

On 22 June 2020, Cabinet approved Chekwi East Constituency, consisting of four sub counties, including Kakamongole, Lemusui, Moruita and Kakamongole.

However, the people of Moruita (Kadama) objected the inclusion of Kakamongole in Chekwi East, arguing that Kakamongole is more dominant, thereby giving them less chances of getting representation in Parliament.

Subsequently, John Lonyee Kiyonga, LC 4 Councilor Moruita petitioned Kadaga, seeking the removal of Kakamongole from Chekwi East.

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The Minister of State for Works, Sam Lokeris however objected the removal of Kakamongole from Chekwi East, saying that its removal would cause disharmony amongst the people of Nakapiripirit.

This led to a meeting between the Speaker of Parliament, Minister of Local Government, Raphael Magyezi, Minister of Works, Peter Lokeris, the Nakapiripit district Woman MP, Esther Anyakun and the Nakapiripirit district Local Government leadership on 24 July 2020.

After a lengthy debate, the meeting agreed that Kakamongole is split into two sub counties, creating Tokora and Kakamongole Sub Counties.

Magyezi said that according to the changes, Tokora Sub County would be part of Chekwi East and Kakamongole in Chekwi West.

This now means that the newly approved Chekwi East will comprise four Sub Counties including; Tokora, Lemusui, Moruita and Nakapiripirt Town Council while Chekwi West has five Sub Counties including; Kakamongole, Namalu, Loregae, Loreng and Kawath.

“I will now present these changes to Cabinet for approval,” said Magyezi.

Kadaga said that the new counties are important for improved service delivery and representation in Parliament.

She narrated her experience during her travel to Moruita sub county March 2018 when she spent over four hours on the road after landing in Amudat district.

“I met with the leadership and they told me their plight. I realized the place was very far, even the nearest hospital was over 100 miles away,” she said.

Kadaga added that after her experience, she wrote to the President and the Electoral Commission to create a constituency for the people of Moruita.

“It is our responsibility as leaders to ensure that the marginalized are represented and receive services,” she said.



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