Teachers get Shs2bn as schools, airports, worship places remain closed


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in his national address on COVID19 said before the end of September, a decision will be made to either reopen schools for just the candidate classes, declare a dead year.

He said for now, the emphasis is on the promotion of distance learning.

If the vaccine is got before that, all schools can be reopened.

Museveni says he doesn’t want to declare a dead year for schools just yet because the current treatment can be refined to be more effective, a vaccine can be got and there will be no need to worry about contracting the coronavirus.

Victoria University

Museveni says government can’t ignore the suffering of private schools.

Government will study and discuss if their loans can be taken over by Uganda Development Bank (UDB), suspend NSSF contributions.

If government is to pay salaries at just Shs500,000 per month, it translates to Shs175bn/month.

Museveni pledged Shs2bn contribution towards the private teachers Sacco but said government can’t take on paying salaries for the 350,000 private schools employees.

He said it’s a lot of money that government will find impossible to execute.

He urged Uganda Development Bank [UDB] to help schools.

Airports, worship places remain closed

Museveni says Uganda’s airport and borders to remain closed because currently there is too much chaos around the world.

The president said he knows that the country is losing a lot of money but doesn’t agree with those who say people can die so long as they’re making money.

The International Airport will remain closed until the situation abroad settles down. Borders to remain closed too.

On Churches, he said scientists will discuss with the inter-religious council and forge a way forward on the resumption of places of worship.



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