Death as ADF raids Congo army base

A scene of an ADF attack

By Radio Okapi

On the night of Sunday to Monday, July 20, Allied Democratic Forces [ADF] rebels launched an attack on Ngadi which left 2 dead.

“We are going to articulate the units a little in their positions to give another strength to the operations,” said Lieutenant Antony Mwalushayi, acting spokesperson for Sokola 1 operations, Far North Sector on Tuesday (July 21) to Radio Okapi.

According to him, the new commander of military operations is already hard at work to relieve soldiers in position in this peripheral district.


“At the level of the Sokala1 Grand Nord operational sector, we are organizing things so that things can progress very quickly, I think that a soldier normally cannot stay more than a year, two years later in an area. Because he is going to familiarize himself with the population, he is going to get married there. The new operational sector commander has that in his head and I think that maybe one week it will be done, we will replace the units, we will a little articulate the units in their positions to give another force to these operations,” he said.

In addition, Lieutenant Mwalushayi encouraged the local population and civil society to continue working with the army.

“We ask this population to keep calm we are working. We work every day there are always attempts to incursion into other villages that our elements are pushing back, and also there are positive actions that we Let us lead. It is up to civil society to always continue to support us with information and not to be alarmed; we are facing an enemy who has nothing to lose, ” he said.

Earlier attacks

On July 4, the camp of FARDC in the village of Mukoko 27 km from Beni was attacked by alleged ADF.

The FARDC requested the support of the force of MONUSCO who quickly sent reinforcements to the FARDC. The attackers were repulsed.

One FARDC soldier and 1 civilian were killed and 1 civilian injured.

On June 20, following the ambush by ADF combatants on the RN4, fighting engaged FARDC of the 313rd and 314th commando battalions against these rebels on the Beni-Kasindi axis.

At least 3 enemy elements were neutralized.

On May 1, ADF elements attacked a FARDC position last night in Oïcha-Mabasele.

Pushed back by the military, the terrorists killed 5 civilians and injured 1 (provisional toll).



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