Nabilah clashes with Mafabi, tries to walk out of NTV show

Nabilah tries to walk out of NTV studios

A spectacle was recorded last night at the Serena based NTV when Kampala Woman MP, Nabilah Naggayi Sempala clashed on live TV with FDC Party Secretary-General Nandala Mafabi.

It started when Mafabi questioned Nabilah for her failure to vote against the presidential age limit in 2017.

Nabilah replied saying she was on a sick leave at the time.

“Why didn’t you die if you were sick,” Mafabi snapped.

Victoria University

“Why didn’t I die?” Nabilah leapt to her feet and gathered her items.

“I’m moving out,” she told the NTV “On the Spot” host Patrick Kamara as she prepared to head out of the studios.

Kamara was quick to intervene and plead with her to stay. He managed to get Mafabi to apologise to Nabilah and withdraw the unreservedly the statement.

Kamara pleads with Nabilah to stay


The angry Nabilah used the opportunity to fire salvo, exposing the party as a den of political actors.

“I’m so saddened that we have political actors in the real sense who are very experienced in theatre,” she noted, adding, “We have double standards, politics of patronage in FDC and individuals who think they are above the FDC party.”

The mayoral aspirant whose nomination forms were rejected a few days ago, said she was talking about people who have mastered the art of intrigue and public display but internally there is death in the FDC party.

When it comes to money, these people want to milk all the money they can get from any avenue, she told off Mafabi face-to-face.

Mafabi and Nabilah clash

“If the honourable leadership of the party can publicly wish death on me, what do you think happens behind the scenes? The FDC party is toxic. There is harassment and abuse.”

Nabilah said she went to FDC not to make friends but to participate in the process of changing leadership in this country.

“In that process, I have gone through a lot. I think some investigative journalism should be done to see why there is a high turnover especially on women leaders in the FDC. There is a trail of blood that women are leaving behind in the party.”

According to her, FDC is like an abattoir where political death happens.

She said Kampala is a hub of pressure groups and at the moment there is People’s Government a pressure group within FDC.

“I have not been going to the FDC headquarters because of the hostile environment. I cannot put myself in that kind of environment. I choose to stay away until it’s very necessary for me to go there.”

In mock derision, Senior Presidential Press Secretary Don Wanyama, decided to have a field day of the debacle.  

“This is so hilarious. I can’t stop dying of laughter. So, Hon Nabilah was walking out of the show on NTV. FDC has real political entanglements to resolve. Let people just stick with the tried and tested,” he tweeted.  

“A senior party member of the FDC has, on national television, said the party has a garden of marijuana in its backyard and intoxicates it’s youthful supporters on the weed,” he added.



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