Dogs saved me, Rajiv speaks on Kololo attack

A video grab of the incident [Photo by Matooke Republic]

Ruparelia Group director Rajiv Ruparelia has spoken out about a Friday Kololo incident in which he accuses police officers of racially attacking him.

In a video recorded outside his father Dr Sudhir Ruparelia’s Kololo residence, Rajiv is seen struggling with counterterrorism officers.

Rajiv who is nursing severe wounds says he was attacked during a morning walk.

The video shows police officers fighting off Rajiv’s dogs while his wife Naiya Ruparelia is seen crying and nursing one bleeding dog.


Rajiv said while walking with his dogs he saw a vehicle racing up on a terrific speed and wanted to inquire from them why they were driving on a high speed on a residential road.

“I stopped to tell them that it was not safe for anybody to ride this fast on a residential road. I and my dogs were walking and i asked why an individual must drive this recklessly on a residential road.”

“I requested in a simple way but an officer angrily said to me that this is not India, this is Uganda. The police officer was not in identified police vehicle , it was a private car. Based on that in had no idea that this was police.”

“He went on and asked me why I should ask him to slow down,  I did not know there were several other office officers in the car, they got out and started beating me.”

“In the process of beating me, I was no longer able to hold my dogs. If someone is beating you how do you control dogs. I released them and they started running.”

Immediately the dogs saw that he was being beaten badly by the officers with sticks and gun butts and others were pushing him, they tried to save him.

“This was a racial attack. My dog watcher came to help me and in the process he was also beaten badly and he is now in hospital. As they were leaving they knocked him with the car but they did not take his life,” Rajiv said.

He is currently in hospital receiving treatment.



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