Zaake says People Power coordinators attacked by NRM, arrested

MP Zaake

Mityana Municipality MP Francis Zaake has accused police of unfairly arresting People Power coordinators who were attacked by the ruling NRM party members.

According to Zaake, on Tuesday morning, three People Power coordinators in Mityana Municipality were taking a stroll, they came across a gathering of NRM supporters hosted by one of the NRM contestants in the 2021 elections.

On seeing this, the 3 coordinators Daniel Mugambwa, Kateregga Hamza and Kavuma Gaddafi calmly got out their phones and started recording the crime scene of what was evidently an illegal gathering that was being conducted in violation of Covid19 guidelines.

When the crowd of NRM supporters noticed that they were being recorded, they violently attacked Dan Mugambwa.

Victoria University

They punched and hit him with the chairs they had been sitting on, and then confiscated his phone.

Dan’s colleagues intervened at this point to save their comrade but they were equally attacked and beaten.

Eventually, Mityana Police officers headed by DPC Mwine Alex arrived at the scene and arrested Dan, Hamza and Gaddafi who they accused of “interfering” with the gathering by NRM supporters.

Although the 3 comrades, especially Dan, suffered injuries after being attacked by NRM supporters, Mityana Police has refused to give them police bond and insists that they will be prosecuted for recording the illegal NRM gathering.

“In contrast, the NRM supporters who attacked our comrades have been left to walk away scot-free,” he said.

“As you can see comrades, regime security operatives are enforcing #Covid_19 regulations only against opposition leaders and supporters while they let our colleagues from the ruling party to violate the same regulations whenever they want. That’s why I encourage all of us to record and expose these double standards whenever we come across them.”



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