No reason for scientific election- Sarah Bireete

Sarah Bireete

Activist Sarah Bireete sees no reason for either postponing or holding scientific elections in 2021.

Bireete is a Lawyer, Human rights activist, ED – Center for Constitutional Governance (CCG) & Partner, Kamugisha Advocates.

To her, the decision to postpone elections is based on a state of emergency.

“Does COVID-19 call for a state of emergency, I don’t think so because we haven’t had many patients in a critical condition,” she said while appearing on NTV last week.

Victoria University

“What we need is a clear determination on whether the COVID-19 impact can enable a normal election to take place. That’s the discussion we need to have.”

According to her, it is total dishonesty to keep curfew in place as a measure to curb the spread of COVID-19.

If it’s being kept as a security measure, then Ugandans should be told that security forces can’t secure people and their property, she said.

“Our scientists need to be honest. Look at Malawi, it held a legitimate election while following all WHO guidelines so it’s possible.”

She went on: “There is then no reason for us to go for scientific elections Justice Byabakama is not a lawmaker, he is an end-user of the law and so he should leave the role of making laws to Parliament.”

Since 2010, Uganda Communications Commission [UCC] has been arbitrarily suspending political talk shows on different TVs and radio stations.

“…and this is the same UCC we expect to monitor media ahead of 2021 so you can guess what they will do.”

“We are going to court so that the court compels the Minister to constitute a media tribunal to manage operations of the media because UCC can’t be trusted.”

She said above 80% of private media is owned by NRM leaning people for obvious reasons so where is fairness going to come from.



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