Zaake sues senior cops for torture

MP Zaake

Mityana Municipality MP MP Zaake Francis Butebi has dragged to court senior police officers who he accuses of torturing him.

In addition to the civil suit for compensation filed in the High Court against police officers who tortured him in April, Zaake Wednesday initiated a Private [Criminal] Prosecution against the same officers at the Chief Magistrates Court of Mityana.

He opened several charges against Wamala RPC Kagarura Bob, Mityana DPC Mwine Alex, SIU’s Twesigye Hamdan and Elly Womanya, and other officers including 3 counts of Torture; 1 count of unreasonable detention; and 1 count of disobedience of lawful orders.

“Unlike the usual case where criminals are prosecuted by the State, I have decided to literally take matters into my own hands because I do not trust the same State apparatus that unleashed these criminals on me and is currently protecting them, to again be the one to investigate and prosecute them,” he said.

Victoria University

Zaake said he will stop at nothing to ensure that these rogues in police uniform are held civilly and criminally responsible for their crimes, and that they do not do to anybody else what they did to him.

“Thanks to my lawyers Kiiza & Mugisha Advocates as well as the Network of Public Interest Lawyers (NETPIL) for the good job done.”



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