DP reschedules NEC as Mao meets IPOD chair

Norbert Mao

The Democratic Party on Tuesday said the meeting of the National Executive Committee that had been earlier scheduled for this week has been postponed for two weeks.

This came after many branches requested for more time to finalize the grassroots processes that were interrupted by the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Branch leaders have all been informed of this postponement.

The NEC will sit and verify the returns which includes membership registers, party executive committees at various levels and the constituency delegates to the National Delegates Conference.


The NEC will also set the date for the National Delegates Conference.

Meanwhile, as announced two weeks ago, DP is committed to dialogue guided by the party constitution.

“Rather than spend time in endless court litigation we have to do our best to use dialogue to deal with disagreements in the party,” the party said.

Therefore, the President of the party will next week hold meetings with some leaders. The aim of the meeting will be to review options for a meaningful dialogue in order to settle conflicts in the party.

DP President meets new IPOD Summit Chair

The DP President, Norbert Mao, met with the newly elected Chairman of the IPOD Summit, Hon. Asuman Basalirwa so is also the JEEMA President.

The meeting took place on Monday June 29, 2020.

The meeting considered the options for 2021 elections given the COVID pandemic and the need for IPOD to lead the constructive engagements by all political parties and formations.

The options that have to be considered include: Postponement of the elections until the country is ready, ignoring the enhanced risks of infection but taking precautions during electoral activities and hold mass rallies the Malawi and Burundi way, review the law to accommodate the so called “scientific” elections or suspend elections entirely and have a Transitional Government of National Unity to deal with the challenges of a deeply wounded and fractured country.

The other issues the two leaders discussed were political party funding and the need to institutionalize IPOD and make sure it has a legal status.

DP calls for more consultations

DP urges parliament during its engagements with the Electoral Commission to make it clear that the so called scientific elections places a discount on the constitutional right of Ugandans to a free, fair and credible elections.

Elections cannot just be reduced to the act of casting ballots.

Elections must provide for active engagements between the voters and those seeking to be elected to public offices.

The infrastructure for digital campaigns are inadequate in most of the country and even where they may be available, they are too costly and inaccessible for various reasons.

The government insists that the threat of COVID-19 is so grave and that is why public gatherings, including religious gatherings, are banned.

But the same government finds it unnecessary to declare a state of emergency in order to allow for flexibility in implementing the election time table.

“We believe that the threat of Covid-19 is being exaggerated to swindle pubic funds and rig elections by undermining the will of the people.”

“If indeed the pandemic is as severe as it is said to be, then the proper thing is to declare a state of emergency and focus on saving lives instead of a deceitful trade off in the name of “scientific” elections that may be overrun by the emotions that an election season generates.”



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