You’ll die before me: Kiir denies having Covid19, ceding power

President Salva Kiir speaking at his residence in Juba on Monday, May 25, 2020

By Eye Radio

President Salva Kiir has assured the nation that he is in good health following rumours that he contracted the coronavirus.

The public has over the last 48 hours demanded that the President makes a public appearance after some South Sudanese online speculated that he and members of the former High-Level taskforce tested positive for the virus.

Others claimed that the President went on a medical trip to Egypt, a statement refuted by his office over the weekend.

Victoria University

Some went as far as saying the President could be dying from the disease.

But the Kiir this afternoon held a press briefing in Juba to dismiss the rumors, describing them as propaganda.

“The public should not delve into propaganda issues,” Kiir stated.

The President wondered why there was so much obsession with associating every death to coronavirus.

Kiir urged the public to refocus their energies on the fight against Coronavirus pandemic and shun futile politicking and helpless propaganda.

“You should tell those ill-wishers who say ‘Salva is dead’ that they are witches and wizards, and that they will die before I do,” he asserted.

Kiir said that he never left his compound or took a flight outside the country since the outbreak of the virus.

“I have never gone for refuge since I was young. I will stay here and die -even to the last person in this country. I’m one of those people who said my bones will be buried in South Sudan,” he added.

The head of state warned that the virus does not differentiate between a Muslim or Christian, tribes, SPLM or SPLM-IO.

“If they believe death is a good thing to wish upon me, they too will die, because if death for sure comes, you can’t run from it.”

President Kiir also dismissed as untrue a fake letter circulating online that he assigned his duties and functions to one of his Vice Presidents.



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