We’ll arrest you if curfew finds you in jam- police


Police has promised to arrest whoever is caught up in the curfew despite the heavy traffic jam on all roads following the release of private cars.

“This is a kind reminder to all private motorists and all categories of persons whose lock down was lifted, to start planning their journey back to their respective homes,” police said Tuesday evening.  

With the increase in private vehicular movement, police expects traffic jam on various routes outside the countrywide Central Business District of Kampala and all countrywide towns.

“Do not get caught on the wrong side of the lock down and curfew.”

Victoria University

“Plan your journey early enough. This is the time you should be thinking of leaving the city centre because of traffic jam,” Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said.

“We shall not listen to any excuse of traffic jam. When it clocks 7 PM and it gets you in any of our check points, we shall lodge you until tomorrow.”



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