Pregnant women rescued, 6 missing in Kasese floods

Kasese floods

Uganda Police Force working jointly with civil society organisations and other security agencies have teamed up in a mission to rescue and offer relief to victims of mudslides and floods due to the increased volumes of water in river Thako and river Lubiriha in Bwera in Kasese district.

On 21/05/2020, during a rescue operation, Monday Zephanous 32 years was found with serious injuries and rushed for treatment at Ikobero.

Two pregnant women were rescued including Muhindo Martha of Isango village in Kitholhu who was then delivered of a baby girl at Bwera hospital.

Six (6) people were reported missing including four (4) members of one family whose house was washed away by the mudslides.

Victoria University

These people have been identified as:

Kabugho Evangiline 70 years of Bughabirwa village in Kitholhu Sub county. (Not yet recovered)

Masika Lawrentina 40 years of Bughabirwa village, Kitholhu Sub county. (Not yet recovered).

Masika Agnes 20 years of Bughabirwa in Kitholhu Sub county (not yet recovered).

Biira Ferestus 16 years of Bughabirwa in Kitholhu Sub county (body recovered yesterday 22/05/2020).

Muzumbo Yubu 57 years of Kanyatsi (ii) in Kitholhu Sub county (not yet recovered)

Mbusa Kyakere 20 years of Kanyatsi (ii) in Kitholhu Sub county (not yet recovered).

“Our sympathies are with those affected by these floods and the public living along river and lake shores are advised to be vigilant and move to safer spaces since these floods are unpredictable,” said ACP Polly Namaye, deputy police spokesperson.



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