NRM manifesto week: Janet lists education feats


First Lady and Minister for Education and Sports Hon. Janet Saturday presented the achievements of her ministry as part of the implementation of the “Manifesto Week 2020”.

In comparison with 2017, the enrolment in the formal Education system is as follows to date.

According to the Education (pre-primary, primary and post-primary) Act 2008, Section 10 (2), Pre-primary education to be run by private agencies or persons to provide education to children aged from two years to five years and the financing of that type of education shall be a responsibility of the parents or guardians.

Government shall: provide the curriculum, guidelines on minimum standards for school buildings, equipment and other relevant facilities for pre-primary institutions through its relevant agencies.


It will provide the curriculum for teachers training for pre-primary teachers and ensure that the teachers who teach in pre-primary institutions have the necessary qualifications.

And cause all pre-primary schools to be licensed, registered and regularly inspected by government education inspectors.

A Monitoring Grant of UGX 2.3 billion is in place to facilitate Local Governments with the implementation of recommendations that come from the inspection of Pre-Primary and Primary Schools.

Under the revised Teacher Education Curriculum, ECD is compulsory in Year One and elective in Year Two (when one specializes either in ECD or upper primary).

To-date 103 districts are implementing the Early Grade Reading Methodology.

More than 14,790 P.1 to P.4 teachers and 1,150 Pre-service tutors have been trained in Early Grade Reading methodologies.

145 primary schools with less than 03 permanent classrooms have been expanded to provide an additional 929 classrooms.

23 Community Primary Schools were grant-aided in FY2019/20. To-date 1,112 Parishes and Wards remain without a public primary school.

09 semi-detached teachers’ houses were constructed in 09 schools in the hard-to-reach district of Bukwo.

05 semi-detached houses have been constructed at 6 Primary Teachers’ Colleges; namely Shimoni PTC, Erepi PTC, Kisoro PTC, Ibanda PTC, Rukungiri PTC, and Ngora PTC.

Since July 2016, over 5,000 members of School Management Committees (SMCs) were trained about their roles and responsibilities in providing leadership in the Schools.

182 Community Secondary Schools have been grant-aided since FY2016/17 to-date.

15 Seed Secondary Schools were completed in the last four years. 117 Seed Secondary Schools are under construction starting Fy2018/19.

“We still have 26 sub-counties, Town Councils, and Divisions without a public Secondary Schools,” Janet said.

An additional 115 new Seed Secondary Schools shall be constructed starting in FY2020/2021 under Inter-Governmental Fiscal Transfers Program (UgIFT) and 100 under the Uganda Secondary Education Expansion Project (USEEP).

All the Seed Schools being constructed with effect from FY2018/19 have comprehensive and complete infrastructure that includes A 400-seater multi-purpose hall and staff houses for 06 teachers (including the Head Teacher), an ICT Laboratory and a Library, 06 Classrooms and Science Labs.

Procured 5,250 textbooks for S.1 and S.2 Chemistry, Physics, and Biology subjects in the 20 Secondary Schools grant-aided in FY2016/17.

Procured a total of 17,167 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology textbooks for 242 A-Level schools in FY2018/19 and FY 2019/20.



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