Uganda loses $1.6bn in tourism due to coronavirus

President Museveni

Uganda has already lost $1.6bn in tourism due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While addressing the nation on Monday, President Museveni said the country may also lose another $1.3bn in remittances.

“We can’t afford to lose more forex from cargo,” he said in defence of his decision to allow truck drivers continue entering the country.

Museveni said the debate should not be if cargo drivers should enter or exit.


“It is should be on how,” he noted.

According to him, sacrifice will lead to victory.

“Some may die but some must win.”

As such, he resolved only Covid19 negative truck drivers will be allowed in the country.

On Monday, Uganda turned back 32 truck drivers from regional states who tested positive for Covid19.

The president insisted stopping truck drivers is suicide because they are delivering goods Ugandans need to cope with the lockdown.



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