Security to enforce mandatory face masks

Joint security spokespersons

The Joint Security Task force has acknowledged the Presidential directives on the mandatory use of face masks, as part of the Covid-19 lock-down exit strategy. 

“We are happy that government has pledged the manufacture and distribution of free, standard masks that are reusable for all citizens,” said CP Fred Enanga for Joint Security Spokespersons.

These will be delivered through the LC system by June 2, 2020, and will lead to the activation of business that include hotels, restaurants and general merchandise shops outside malls.

The government has also eased the lockdown on schools and tertiary institutions with candidates, as well as public and private transport.

Victoria University

However, all these businesses and activities will effectively resume after the completion of the massive distribution of the free face masks.

All members of the Joint Security Task force have been tasked to enforce the directive and further educate the public on the health and safety risks, as well as the potential consequences of not wearing face masks while in the public.

A detailed enforcement program will be availed in due course.



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