Museveni returns on screen tonight


President Museveni will hold another televised presidential address tonight [Tuesday] at 8pm.

This is according to Don Wanyama, the Senior Press Secretary to H.E. President Museveni.

Don said this was after receiving lots of feedback from the public on his address last evening.

He will hold another televised address to respond to some of the issues.

Victoria University

Yesterday, Museveni said the measures to ease lockdown will be activated only when each individual has received a standard mask distributed by the government of Uganda.

The government will provide standard masks to all Ugandans aged 6 years and above, these will be distributed through the District Local Council system.

Each person will be allocated one mask which must be worn all the time when in public.

Dr Henry Kajumbula says masks are for those above 6 years. Those below the age of 6 may misuse them.

Those below 2 years may have their ability to breathe impaired if masks are put on them.

Those with chronic respiratory problems like asthma may not put on masks.

According to Prof Denis Byarugaba, there are about 6 different Coronaviruses most of which appear like the normal flu.

These normal coronaviruses circulate through the population and our bodies create antibodies against them.

“We do not know if this can work with COVID-19. Reports from CDC indicate that when a double cloth mask is used with a filter inside (say a piece of tissue), it increases its protection to over 95%.”



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