First son: Bobi Wine copied my red beret


First son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba has accused People Power leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine of “copying” his red beret.

“’People Power’ we just laugh! You’ve always tried to be like me but you can’t,” said the Presidential Advisor on Special Operations.

“Copying my beret that I introduced to the UPDF, poorly trying to copy me. Why don’t you coin your own beret?”

Muhoozi claims to have invented the red beret with his uncle Gen Salim Saleh.

Victoria University

“The maroon/red beret is ours. Muhoozi and Afande Saleh!”

Muhoozi further says he was privileged to have been loved and brought up by the last true ‘Muchwezi’ in Uganda.

“He was my uncle. He was called Fred Nkuranga Rubereza. He taught me that ‘It was a lovely life if lived with great courage and to die leaving an everlasting fame’. I remember you uncle!”



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