2,500 Ugandans stuck abroad, want to return


On Ugandans stuck abroad, President Museveni says the issue should be approached with the seriousness of the NRM and not the cheap popularity of some actors.

He says Ugandans abroad have been sending in $1.3bn which is slightly below the $1.5bn got from tourism.

Addressing the nation on Monday, the president said there are 558,000 Ugandans in Europe, 131,000 Middle East, 1.8 million in South Africa etc.

Although they need to be returned home, Museveni won’t accept cargo planes to be used to transport passengers.


Those who want to come back are 2,500 but their coming back is dependent on health consideration.

He warned of “serious trouble” if all the two million Ugandan citizens trapped outside the country because of the virus induced lockdown returned home.

However, even with this figure, the president said government is not ready to manage them after their return.

“Ugandans caught by the pandemic abroad. If all our people came back in panic, how will we manage them? You have seen how much trouble lorry drivers are giving us. I cannot accept cargo planes being used to transport passengers. Are you sure of the health status of the two million Ugandans in the diaspora that live in highly infected countries?”

He went on: “We need to study these issues very carefully. I was told only 2,500 people want to come back. That should be checked and confirmed. I don’t want favouritism to come into the equation. No one is more important than the other. We should have a transparent policy on how to rescue those people who are stranded abroad.”



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