Public transport resumes on June 2


President Museveni has said public transport will be reopened after two weeks provided they carry half of their normal capacity.

Public transport will officially resume on June 2 after the distribution of the “right” face masks.

“Masks are being produced and we want them to be distributed up to the village,” Museveni said Monday while addressing the nation.

Museveni says when public transport resumes, taxi touts who call out for passengers will not be allowed.

Victoria University

“Look for another quieter way calling for passengers,” he said.

This time, taxis, minibuses, costas and buses will be allowed to transport 50% of their normal passengers.

Museveni says boda bodas, tuk-tuks, bicycles not yet allowed to carry passengers until when everyone has the right mask.

He said private cars will resume with a maximum of 3 people including the driver.

Boda bodas driving on the sidewalks of pedestrians will no longer be allowed. Opening up is all tied to the right mask.

Public transport won’t be reopened in the border districts for another 21 days.



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