Museveni extends lockdown for 2 weeks, to give free masks


President Museveni has extended the coronavirus lockdown for another two weeks.

The president said Monday that Nytil is working on masks which are a prerequisite for easing the lockdown.

He said government will provide masks to all Ugandans of 6 years from above “because we wanted to ensure quality and didn’t want people to start borrowing masks”.

He said masks will be distributed through the Local Councils.

Victoria University

Each individual will get one mask.

Museveni says in addition to compulsory wearing of face masks while in public, Ugandans must maintain social distancing, boost their immunity by eating fruits such as oranges, bananas and prevent by avoidance – stand at a distance.

He said science is not all about drugs, injections.

“You can study the disease and avoid it.”

As such, he said shops selling general merchandise provided they are not in the mall will only open after masks have been distributed.

Arcade shops to remain closed.

Market women will be allowed to return home.



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