Kutesa under fire over Kavuya family


Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Kutesa is under fire for allowing tycoon Ben Kavuya’s family fly into the country from US in contravention to the presidential directive that ordered closure of all airports and borders into the country.

Kavuya is a money lender and one of the people being authorised to return is his wife Barbara Kavuya.

Kutesa’s May 13 letter to the manager of Ethiopian airlines authorises two more people to be flown into the country.

They are; Blance Kibaju, an interior designer and one Tiba Byabashaija.

The director of Health Services Henry Mwebesa also wrote to the tycoon saying the three would quarantined for 14 days in return.

Victoria University

He chose Legacy Courts in Bugoloobi for the quarantine.

Ugandans enraged

The move has shaken Ugandans and got them talking on social media.

The most enraged was Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Many Ugandans stuck abroad are suffering, Bobi Wine pointed out.

“THE AIRPORT IS CLOSED” they’re told.

Bobi recalled how his request to airlift those in China was rejected.

“Yet, those who think they own our country have continued to fly in with relatives & cronies!”

He added: “We must fight on until we’re all EQUAL in this country!”



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