Lady Mariam aka Tindatine: I can live without sex

Lady Mariam

Mbarara based artiste Lady Mariam aka Tindatine has said she can easily live all her life without sex.

Mariam came to the limelight with her 2015 blockbuster “Tindatine”, a love song that rocked the entire country and set a standard for western Ugandan musicians.

Her other songs include; Nze Wuwo, Rukundo, Obusingye Omumaka, Yashemera, Katwehemu, Kumbihabiha, Sirikusula, Nakupenda, War Zone, Nshagala, Mpangudde and Guma Nanye etc.

She seemed to had ebbed off the national music scene, restricting her shows to western Uganda.

Victoria University

On May 11, she posted on her Facebook page: “I can leave [live] without having (sexy) [sex] all my life, but one thing I can’t leave without is working out….. But all and all Lord is the Lord of all Lord’s.”

She shared a picture of herself working out. It obviously shows she has lost a lot of weight.

The picture attracted positive comments, encouraging her for a good decision.

On April 29, she complained about being compared by singer and filmmaker Mariam Ndagire, saying her fans were expecting too much of her.

“Sometimes I really don’t like to do something like this, but on this point i have to say something on my behalf… I have been in this industry for just 12 years, how can you compare me with someone who has been in this industry for 30 year Mazima [surely??]”

“I really respect her so much us my big (sis)… From me all we need is to keep supporting each other so that we can keep Western Music on the top. Am still young to be called (LEGEND).”

What happened?

Looking back, Lady Mariam’s Tindatine got overwhelming reception even among people that could not understand a word in Runyankore.

It played in clubs in Mbarara as much as it did in Gulu, Malaba, Juba and central Uganda.

Lady Mariam then became a regular at concerts and album launches.

Tindatine largely became a hit because it was in Runyankore, a fresh turn for music lovers.

When Mariam got a huge reception in Kampala, she immediately switched to Luganda losing both her competitive and comparative advantages.

Two songs a year

In November 2019, Mariam who has sung for 11 years now with numerous singles, told Daily Monitor’s Sqoop that she would release two songs per year.

Who is she?

Lady Mariam also known as Kemigisha is a woman from Mbarara. My heritage has a combination of Ankole and Rwandan roots. People decided to call me by the name of my song and I am okay with it.

Her first job was hairdressing where she dressed two people and was supposed to give the boss Shs20,000 and remain with Shs10,000.

“Going on stage and they insult me for my tribe. Remember that we singers, our work is psychological. So if someone insults you, the mood, and love for the performance at that point is spoilt,” she seems to explain why she switched to Luganda songs on reaching in Kampala.

Her best memory was her first trip to perform in London. The performance was wonderful, and the audience was cheerful.

Her first time on stage was in Senior Four when she was 17.



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