Gen Tumwine kicks out journalists, tells security to enforce face masks

Gen Tumwine addressing press

Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine has directed all security personnel to begin enforcing the presidential directive on wearing face masks.

Tumwine who was addressing journalists at Uganda Media Centre on Tuesday said people should take President Museveni’s directive on wearing face masks seriously.

Tumwine appealed to all Ugandans across the country not to leave their homes without wearing face masks to avoid being inconvenienced by security officers.

He says mandatory wearing of face masks is not just for a few but all Ugandans including journalists, thus donating 500 masks to them.


He even kicked journalists without face masks out of Media Centre saying UPDF and other security agencies will ensure this directive is adhered to.

President Museveni cautioned the general public to always wear masks when they are out of their homes, saying that this would combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and its infection to other people.

“People seem not to understand the value of the masks; these are not a decoration! We don’t want you to be seen with the mask hanging around your neck. Put the mask over your mouth and nose all the time as long as you are in public. Even when you are speaking, leave the mask on because if you remove and speak, you are infecting the air and also the hands you are fidgeting with while removing the mask can bring the infection,” the President said.



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