Drama as MPs splash beans on parliament floor

Nganda and Ssewanyana at it [all photos by New Vision]

There was drama in parliament on Tuesday when MPs presented samples of relief beans being supplied by the COVID19UG Taskforce, saying that the beans were not up to standard for consumption.

The MPs led by the Opposition chief whip, Ssemujju Nganda, presented some of the beans questioning the quality of food that government is giving out to people.

Nganda raised concern over the quality of food being distributed by Government as relief and poured on the floor samples to demonstrate his point.

Beans poured on floor of parliament

However, some of the MPs said that the relief food they received in their constituencies was up to standard and good for human consumption.


Hon. Jacqueline Amongin challenged the claim by Nganda that the relief food by Government is of poor quality.

She said that Hon. Ssemujju and other members were out of order by undermining the efforts by Government.

Amongin not amused

She said that Ugandans who have received the food are grateful.

Speaker Rebecca Kadaga asked the MPs for the source of the food samples that were presented in Parliament.

She deferred the debate, saying that she was going to send a team to investigate the allegations and check the quality of food being supplied in the areas that the MPs are talking about.



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