Museveni says still cleaning up Kayihura’s mess

Kayihura in the dock

President Museveni hinted at the fact that the mess created by former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura is yet to be sorted out.  

Museveni spoke on the fate of General Kale Kayihura in an interview with NBS television which was aired on Monday night.

“He is with the court system and I don’t want to be involved with that. We don’t talk about things in court,” Museveni said.

On his general assessment of security, the president said the security has improved mainly because of the technical interventions.

Victoria University

Security services had gotten infiltrated by some elements, criminals and corrupt people, he said.

“These are still there, but now the technology is helping us and we are cleaning up the security forces.”

“You remember the people who killed Nagirinya, they were caught on camera and the whole gang was arrested. They were using our underinvestment in the security, we had delayed.”

Canary Mugume: Is it possible for security to maintain low crime rate like it is during the lockdown?

Museveni: It will be maintained by the eyes of those cameras. We shall not have physical blockage but we shall be able to block by quickly identifying anyone who makes a mistake.

Canary Mugume: You have deployed a number of officers inside Police to clean up the mess, have these worked to your satisfaction?

Museveni: Not yet. There are still corrupt people there, but we shall get them.

Museveni said the anti-corruption unit led by Lt Col Edith Nakalema is trying to do the job.

He said she is a straight forward person but her group has to be thorough because sometimes they can be infiltrated by wrong elements.

According to Museveni, the biggest element of security in Uganda is the public.

“The NRM has got a good link with the public, even if the officials make a mistake, the public will tell us and we act.”



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