Masks not for fashion or decoration, Ugandans told


President Museveni says the trick to containing COVID19 is to know society, people and study the science of the disease.

“That is what we always do even with other epidemics like AIDS and Ebola,” he said in an interview with NBS TV Monday night.

“When we started with AIDS, the confusion was because it started blood to blood, could it be spread by mosquitoes? Our doctors were able to answer that saying “it can’t be”.”

He said in Rakai where AIDS started, you would find the adults were sick but the children weren’t yet they were all being bitten by mosquitoes.


Therefore, a mosquito can’t be a factor, it must be something else.

“When we started hearing about COVID19, we talked with the scientists and we knew its strong and weak points.”

He said the strong points are that it goes through the air, unlike AIDS and Ebola.

“When it goes through the air, it has gotten some limitations. That is why I would like you to put on the masks all the time. We are beginning to relax the restrictions but one of the frontlines is the mask.”

Museveni said these masks are not just for decoration or fashion.

“You should put them up all the time when you are in the public, it should only be removed when you go back to your house.”

“We have been able to control the virus by studying science, knowing its danger points and doing what we must in time. We didn’t have to wait.”

He said something else which other countries don’t have is the powerful mass organization called the resistance council system, they call them local councils these days.

The whole village is mobilized with their own government and once they hear something like this, they all come up.

He said the people who escape from neighbouring countries are exposed by the villagers.

The two Burundian nationals who escaped from the refugee camp in Nakibaale went to Dar es Salaam and came back infected.

They were exposed by the villagers.

Truck drivers

On truck drivers, Museveni said he spoke with H.E. Kenyatta.

He is consulting with others and they are agreeing to do what should have been done.

His proposal is that we stop testing at the border, the testing should be done at the place of origin where the vehicles are coming from.

“Kenyatta is proposing things come from Mombasa via train up to Naivasha. At Naivasha, the drivers are tested by the health team from all the East African countries. Immigration should also be there so there is no time wasting at Malaba.”

Museveni also suggested electronic monitoring of vehicles.

“What we don’t want is these vehicles to stop on the way. They should stop only where they are supposed to stop.”

He said the testing of the truck drivers must be two times a month to be sure that the driver is free from COVID19.

“The passenger airlines might collapse but the cargo one will survive. After COVID19, I don’t think tourists will rush to travel.”

On Ugandans stuck abroad, Museveni said this was a war and the best camp which is Uganda was attacked with 41 plus million people.

“Some are abroad, we are not going to say let them come back. We are concentrating on saving the base.”

He added: “We shall look at all these groups of people abroad and see how we can help. If necessary, we shall bring them back and put them in quarantine.”



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