Kakwenza: CMI hanged me like Jews did to Jesus


By Kakwenza Rukira

The seven days I spent in Mbuya Military barracks are really indescribable; I cannot begin to narrate whatever was done to me minus my eyes welling with tears and rivulets of the same flowing down my cheeks.

To highlight a little; one night those heartless humans in UPDF uniform hanged me the same way Jews did to Jesus.

They chained my legs and handcuffed me and then hanged me on the rails for the stairs-my body stretched to the maximum- from five in the evening up to eight the following morning where I was later removed and taken for more torture sessions.

It is by God’s grace that I am alive.
Dear Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, the God I believe in watched while you violated my human rights by treating me inhumanly contrary to what is pronounced in the constitution of the republic of Uganda and other international human rights chatters.


Let us assume that you are above the law, where are your morals? Are you humans or some sort of remote-controlled robots trained only to deprive people of their rights?

The fifteen days I spent in prison on remand at Busesa are regrettable; no running water, two poor ventilated small rooms stuffed with innumerable inmates where, at night, we slept body to body (Tako ku Tako) and our clothes drenched in sweat as though in a very hot sauna!

Then during the day, I would sit under the scotching sun and engage in pick-crushing lice from those yellow uniforms and my body-among other indescribable scenarios.

Nevertheless, the prison authorities treated me very well and they have nothing to do to change the condition the prison is encapsulated in.

I am slowly recuperating from the effects of such incidents and I promise not to give up on the struggle to see a better country where no one shall be discriminated against on the basis of their political, social and economic belonging.

Where everyone shall be obligated to put Uganda before self, where we shall be subservient to rule of law whether you are in power or not!

Many thanks to my Dear wife Eva, lawyer Eron Kizza, Media houses, Uganda Law Society, fellow Law students at Cavendish Law School, friends, Civil Society Organizations and activists I will not mention here.

One Uganda, One People.



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