#DanceHeist: Salta, Pounds, Fameica lead Katchup treasure hunt


It was a heist at the “NBSKatchUp” show Friday night.

“NBS After 5” hosts Douglas Lwanga and MC Kats prepared the dance partee which turned into a treasure hunt.

NBS Katchup host Sheila Salta opened up the dance floor, shaking and wiggling like no one was watching.

Sheila Salta

Female Deejay Kathy was behind the “table” infusing spellbinding mixes that nearly exploded the house.


“In this world, everything is governed by balance. There’s what you stand to gain and what you stand to lose,” management said while opening up the dance party to viewers.

Pai pounds
Victoria University

“And when you think you’ve got nothing to lose, you become overconfident. Weakness is not in us, it is what we have outside.”

It was Jumia and Stabex International that turned the show into a treasure hunt.

The presenters and guest performers Pia Pounds and Fik Fameica aka Fresh Bwoy were all dressed in red costumes and masks like actors and actresses in a popular series “Money Heist”.


“They are here to rob you of your stress, worries, and boredom,” the television clarified, to calm the nerves of surprised viewers.

It was epic. It was massive. It was magical.

Winning goodies

The Jumia treasure hunt gave viewers a chance to win a 32 inch TV screen.

Gumisiriza Chris won a gas cylinder courtesy of Stabex.

Romin Kayira won a brand new refrigerator courtesy of Jumia.

Abbey Ssenkugwa won a gas cylinder courtesy of Stabex.

Douglas Lwanga

Santa Racheal won a TV from Jumia.



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