Zaake tortured himself in police van- minister


Internal Affairs Minister Obiga Kania nearly threw Parliament in disarray Thursday when he suggested that Mityana Municipality Hon Francis Zaake injured himself and wasn’t tortured.

This is what he told the house:

On the 19th April, 2020 at around 1500hrs The Regional Police Commander (RPC) SSP Kagarura Bob, upon receiving information that Hon Zaake was distributing food items, and seeing photos on social media platforms.

He sent the DPC Mityana SP Mwine Mukono to check in the village of Buswabulongo where it is alleged the food items were being distributed.

The DPC did not find any food being distributed then and he reported his findings to the RPC.

Victoria University

At around 17:30hrs, the DPC received instructions from the RPC to mobilize manpower and proceed to the residence of Hon. Zaake.

The DPC mobilized manpower and proceeded to the residence Hon. Zaake.

The DPC was later joined by RPC and 6 UPDF personnel from the office of

Its true that on 19th April 2020 between 1700hrs and 1800hrs Hon. Zaake
was arrested by a combined police force led by the RPC Wamala Region SSP Kagarura Bob and DPC of Mityana Police Station SP Mwine Mukono from his residence at Buswabulongo village, Mityana Municipality in Mityana District on allegations of Disobedience of lawful orders and negligent acts likely to spread infectious disease vide.

It is true that Hon Zaake had injuries and bruises by the time he was received at SID Kireka on 20th April,2020 at 001lhrs.

These injuries could be attributed to:
i. A scuffle when Hon. Zaake was being removed from the cell of Mityana to Kampala.

ii. There was scuffle between the Police and Hon. Zaake when he being hand cuffed at the counter.

According the statement of the car commander, Hon. Zaake kept on knocking himself on the metals of the pick-up.

It is probable that these injuries were as a results of the knocking.

Zaake’s indecent appearing in court even though he refused to dress decently D/IP Twesigye ought not to have carried him to court indecently dressed.

This was wrong, The magistrate did the right thing to refuse to take a statement of plea from Hon. Zaake.

Kadaga interjects

Finding the story unbelievable, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga tasked the Minister to demonstrate on what he had earlier said that Hon. Zaake while being transported in the 999 vehicle No. 23 kept on shouting and hitting he metallic seats of the 999 using his arms and legs which had been cuffed.

The Speaker then deferred the debate on specific actions against the perpetrators to next week on Tuesday, 12th of May, 2020.



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