You’re a traitor- MPs tell Oulanyah


Members of Parliament have ganged up against Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah for what they termed as treachery.

MP Maurice Kibalya, supported by many MPs, made an amendment to a motion moved by Opposition Chief Whip Ssemujju Nganda against endless insults by President Museveni.

Kibalya said the Deputy Speaker betrayed the House when he publicly returned the 20m.

“(He) said it was due to a presidential directive yet he is a member of the Parliamentary Commission,” Kibalya pointed out during Thursday plenary.

Victoria University

On May 1, Oulanyah in line with and respect to the directive given by H.E Museveni and the guidance by Parliament, I handed over the Shs.20m to Omoro District COVID-19 Taskforce at Lalogi HC IV.

In addition to the money he returned, Oulanyah also made a contribution of Shs20m to support the repair of Omoro’s many defunct boreholes.

While presenting his motion in parliament,
MP Nganda said he wants displeasure to be expressed at the Premier and Finance Minister for keeping mum, when the House was under attack, yet they sit in the Parliamentary Commission — where monies were appropriated.

In support of the motion, many MPs have decried the bashing of Parliament by the Executive.



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