Museveni orders encroachers off L.Victoria shores


President Museveni Thursday made a stopover at Kitubulu, Katabi Town Council on Entebbe Road.

He said the water levels for Lake Victoria now stand at 13.4metres, very close to the highest we have ever obtained (13.41metres in May 1964).

“Encroachers on Lake Victoria land and those on river banks should vacate before they are ‘swallowed’ by the water because you are in its way,” he directed.

The current rise of the water levels on Uganda’s water bodies and and how it has swallowed up developed properties around the lake shores reminds us of nature and its uncompromising laws that are not cheatable and bite so deeply and indiscriminately.

Government last week warned that the current high water levels in Lake Victoria will continue up to at least the end of May as they have consistently gone up from 12 metres to the current level of 13.32 metres.

Victoria University

Lake Victoria region is not new to floods.

In 1997, when the water levels went up, property and lives were lost due to flooding.

Human activities upstream and increased rainfall have majorly been blamed for this phenomenon.

The rainfall can not be controlled but proper human activities could help mitigate against floods.

Replanting settlements areas from the riparian zones, enactment of dykes and construction of holding dams and proper watershed management will mitigate problem of flooding.



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